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Breast Cancer Screenings Increase 10-Fold Due to Enhanced Awareness, discusses Health Magazine’s Pink Warriors Expert Panel

Breast Cancer Screenings Increase 10-Fold Due to Enhanced Awareness, discusses Health Magazine’s Pink Warriors Expert Panel
  • Prominent oncologists, gynecologist, plastic surgeons, top management from UAE’s leading organizations, including both government and private entities convene to spotlight breast cancer mitigation at Pink Warriors Event

Dubai: The grand success of the recent Pink Warriors event, hosted by HEALTH Magazine, marked a significant milestone in the UAE’s commitment to breast cancer awareness and mitigation. The event concluded on a high note at the prestigious Shangri-la Hotel, Dubai, bringing together a network of prominent oncologists, gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and healthcare professionals from leading government and private organizations in the UAE.

The event’s highlight was the thought-provoking panel discussions, which not only provided a comprehensive 360-degree perspective but also shared valuable insights from breast cancer survivors. Distinguished speakers, including Ashraf Mallak, AVP & Managing Director of MSD for GCC, Dr. Deborah Mukherji, Medical Oncology Consultant at the CMC Hospital, and Kate Hoffman, Group Chief Nursing Officer at NMC HealthCare, were joined by Pink Warriors Shivani Radia, a former director with Deloitte, and Jennifer Croes, Conservation Scientist. The lineup also included Mitun De Sarkar, a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist from Northwest Clinic and CEO of Simply Healthy, along with Mahesh Balani, the Chief Operating Officer of, who each provided invaluable insights during the event. The esteemed presence of Chief Guest, HE. Dr. Mouza Al Ameri, Breast Oncoplastic surgeon at Tawam Hospital (Al Ain), and the inspiring keynote delivered by acclaimed actor, author, and cancer survivor Lisa Ray, added a distinguished touch to the event.

Dr. Mouza Al Ameri emphasized the significance of Pink Warriors as a premier platform fostering collaboration among healthcare experts, decision-makers, and industry leaders, advocating for innovative solutions in breast cancer awareness and management.

“We were thrilled to join hands with Health Magazine for their inspiring annual ‘Pink Warriors event.’ This remarkable occasion saw profound dialogues unravel, shedding light on the courageous journeys of breast cancer patients and survivors, narrated from their unique perspectives,” Ashraf Mallak, Managing Director of MSD GCC, said.

“At MSD, our commitment lies in nurturing meaningful partnerships that empower the voices of cancer patients and drive awareness of the importance of early detection. Our dedication extends to our active involvement in the WHO’s Global Breast Cancer Initiative (GBCI), established in 2021. With an ambitious mission to curtail global breast cancer by an annual rate of 2.5 percent, we aim to save 2.5 million lives worldwide over a 20-year period,” he continued.

Collaborating partners for the Pink Warriors event included prominent names, such as Friends of Cancer Patients, Pink Caravan, MSD, NMC Healthcare, Thumbay University Hospital, Clemenceau Medical Centre, Orchid Fertility Clinic, Life Medical Center, the Healthy Home, Newby Tea, F& and Mrs. Rekha Gandhi, serving as catalysts for meaningful dialogue and comprehensive education on breast cancer awareness. Their support and commitment have contributed to the event’s success and paved the way for a more informed and engaged community in the fight against breast cancer.

“It’s crucial for all of us to unite in the battle against cancer. This challenge doesn’t solely belong to governments, international organizations, or corporations, but also to communities and individuals. Breast cancer remains one of the most significant challenges of our time, and it’s essential for each one of us to contribute to the fight in our own way. Pink Warriors provided an excellent platform to address this challenge collectively and stand united for the cause,” said Nousheen Salma, Director, Thumbay Media.

HEALTH Magazine to Host Second Edition of Pink Warriors Event

HEALTH Magazine to Host Second Edition of Pink Warriors Event
  • The event, supported by Friends of Cancer Patients and Pink Caravan, will feature a keynote speech by Bollywood actor Lisa Ray and Her Excellency Dr. Mouza Al Ameri, a prominent Breast Cancer Surgeon and member of the UAE Federal National Council, as the chief guest.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Pink Warriors, the breast cancer awareness initiative of HEALTH magazine, is set to host the second edition of the convention on Thursday, October 19, 2023, at the Shangri-La in Dubai. This event will unite government officials, healthcare industry leaders, breast cancer survivors, and experts from the UAE to raise awareness and support the cause.

In partnership with Friends of Cancer Patients and Pink Caravan, this event will open with a keynote address by cancer survivor, author, and actor Lisa Ray. It will also comprise a panel discussion on all aspects of breast cancer ranging from early screening, importance of self-examination, treatment, fertility preservation and nutrition to first-person accounts of resilient survivors.

Renowned Bollywood Actor Lisa Ray is set to deliver a keynote address, and the event will be honored by the presence of H.E. Dr. Mouza Al Ameri, a member of the UAE Federal National Council in the UAE Federal Government and a prominent Breast Cancer Surgeon as the chief guest and panelist.

The event is organized by HEALTH magazine and is sponsored in partnership with MSD, NMC Healthcare Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital, Thumbay University Hospital, Orchid Fertility Clinic, and Life Medical Centre and supported by The Health Home, corporate gift partner Ferns N Petals, and styling partner The Artist, radio partner Luv 107.1, among others.

According to a 2021 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), the year 2020 saw 2.3 million women receiving diagnoses of breast cancer worldwide, resulting in 685,000 deaths. By the end of 2020, there were 7.8 million women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer within the previous five years, establishing it as the most widespread cancer globally.

Health magazine has consistently taken a leading role in addressing and amplifying the concerns that matter most to its readers. Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that demands ongoing teamwork, solidarity, and unity.  Pink Warriors is a platform aimed at forging a stronger collective effort to strive for a world free of cancer. This event serves as a forum for sharing knowledge about the advanced medical treatments available in the UAE and promoting awareness of the importance of regular screenings. Remarkably, the event has garnered exceptional support and participation from both governmental and private entities, thus maximizing its outreach and impact in advocating for this cause.

In addition, the event will feature a networking reception, offering attendees the opportunity to meet the experts and business leaders in the healthcare domain across both private and government sector.

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