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We have been entrusted with the production, printing and distribution of the bilingual ‘Health’ magazine published by the Gulf Medical University, which is now the leading health and lifestyle publication in the region.

Health Magazine

Launched in 1999, HEALTH magazine is a bimonthly, bilingual publication which has risen to the forefront of health and lifestyle magazines in the region. It covers a variety of topics such as health, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, beauty, family, parenting, diet, nutrition, luxury and fashion.

HEALTH Magazine is BPA audited and has significant online and social media presence, in addition to print. Its distribution and coverage area is spread across the UAE in leading retail outlets, major airports in the region, as well as leading medical institutions and upscale clinics, in addition to pharma companies worldwide. Its Android app is widely accessed.

Today, HEALTH has carved a niche of its own, as a dynamic, popular, youthful and savvy magazine. It is also well-known for organizing popular health and wellness events in the UAE.

HEALTH has instituted the region’s most comprehensive health awards scheme, the “Annual Health Awards”, with the aim of acknowledging and appreciating exceptional contributions in the fields of healthcare from across the region. The inaugural edition of the awards will be held in Dubai on the 16th of January, 2017.

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