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Health is a bi-monthly and bi-lingual (English & Arabic) magazine. One of the premier Health & Lifestyle magazine. Published by Thumbay Media, the media company of Thumbay Group, the magazine was launched in 1999 and is licensed by the National Media Council of UAE.

HEALTH magazine makes an extra effort to maintain a distinct style and content, which makes it superior to other magazines. We are committed to enriching lifestyles. Every two months, our issue reaches the reader with insights, advice, tips, and details on ways to simplify lives, multiply happiness, enhance family relationships and choose the right beauty and luxury products.

One of the most exciting aspects of magazine is that it genuinely belongs to the reader. Anything that inspires your lifestyle piques our curiosity. Every issue of the magazine comes packed with information on health, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, beauty, family, parenting, diet, nutrition, and a lot more. We also keep you updated with the latest trends in beauty, hygiene, luxury, and fashion. No wonder, our readership profile includes, apart from families, doctors, healthcare entrepreneurs, fitness gurus, nutritionists, style icons, etc.

HEALTH has carved a niche of its own, as a dynamic, popular, youthful, and savvy magazine. The regular flow of compliments and appreciation from our readers power us with the satisfaction of having touched and enhanced lives.

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