Gallstones Patient Undergoes Single site scar less Laparoscopic Surgery with Same-day Discharge at Thumbay Hospital Day Care Rolla, Sharjah


A significant milestone was achieved at Thumbay Hospital Day Care, Rolla, Sharjah when a team of surgeons headed by Dr. J. S. Raj Kumar, Dr. Ashish Sam Enos and Dr. Mohammed Jabber performed a single site laparoscopic surgery on a 35 year old female who had severe pain from gall bladder stones. The patient was discharged the same evening, and was highly pleased with the cosmetic results of the surgery.

“ Traditional Laparoscopic Surgery involves 4 or 5 small holes in the patient’s abdomen, instead of a long and ugly gash However, single site laparoscopy is a further advancement, reducing the number of incision sites to a single one, through the umbilicus. This gives the patient an excellent cosmetic result, and is virtually painless,” explained Dr. Raj Kumar.

The biggest advantage of a single site laparoscopic surgery is that it leaves no visible scars or suture marks, in addition to minimizing pain and reducing hospital stay. The incisions needed for the surgery are very well hidden in the natural scar of the umbilicus. The specimen (excised organ) is also delivered through the same navel incision. “Some other advantages of this technique includes reduced bleeding and less chances of port site hernia and port site infection. Moreover, the patient can be discharged the same day and they can resume work in two days,” said Dr. Ashish Sam Enos.

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – Rolla, Sharjah offers a wide range of one day surgeries and procedures. The hospital offers patients greater flexibility in scheduling operations, with shorter waitlists. All treatments and procedures are day-cases, meaning no overnight stay in the hospital is required, and patients can rest and recuperate in their own homes. This also minimizes the chances of hospital-acquired infections, and helps patients return to their normal routines right from the very next day of the procedure.

Same-day discharge surgeries are available for hernia, gastroenterological problems, urological problems, vascular surgeries, breast surgeries, plastic surgeries and laparoscopic procedures. Plans are underway to develop a full-fledged advanced laparoscopic surgical unit at the hospital, performing single port surgeries for hernia, gall bladder, appendix, varicose veins, etc.

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